Putin v the People


“Highly readable and deeply authoritative” – The Times Literary Supplement

“Thoughtful and persuasive” – Guardian Books


What do ordinary Russians think of Putin? Who are his supporters? And why might their support now be faltering? Alive with the voices and experiences of ordinary Russians and elites alike, Sam Greene and Graeme Robertson craft a compellingly original account of contemporary Russian politics.

Telling the story of Putin’s rule through pivotal episodes such as the aftermath of the “For Fair Elections” protests, the annexation of Crimea, and the War in Eastern Ukraine, Greene and Robertson draw on interviews, surveys, social media data, and leaked documents to reveal how hard Putin has to work to maintain broad popular support, while exposing the changing tactics that the Kremlin has used to bolster his popularity. Unearthing the ambitions, emotions, and divisions that fuel Russian politics, this book illuminates the crossroads to which Putin has led his country and shows why his rule is more fragile than it appears.

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Book tour dates:

18 February 2020: Stanford – Freeman Spogli Institute for International Affairs, Stanford University

25 November 2019: San Francisco – Marriott Marquis (ASEEES Annual Convention, in conversation with Valerie Bunce, Regina Smyth, Celeste Wallander and Alexei Yurchak)

21 November 2019: Chapel Hill – University of North Carolina

2 September 2019: WashingtonBusboys & Poets

29 August 2019: WashingtonGeorge Washington University

21 May 2019: London – University College London (in conversation with Tomila Lankina, Ben Noble and Katerina Tertytchnaya)

20 May 2019: Brussels – Free University of Brussels

17 May 2019: London – Pushkin House (in conversation with Catherine Belton)

16 May 2019: Edinburgh – University of Edinburgh

9 May 2019: Dublin – Dublin City University (IARCEES Annual Conference, keynote address)

4 May 2019: New York – Columbia University (ASN Annual Convention, in conversation with Tim Frye, Seva Gunitsky, Sarah Oates and Jessica Pisano)

16 April 2019: Moscow – Sakharov Center (in conversation with Evgenia Albats, Boris Grozovsky, Andrei Kolesnikov and Denis Volkov)