Book Tour!

Greene_Robertson twitter card

Like any good rock star academic, Graeme Robertson and I are taking this show on the road!

Dates in the diary thus far:

16 April 2019: Moscow – Sakharov Center (in conversation with Evgenia Albats, Boris Grozovsky, Andrei Kolesnikov and Denis Volkov)

4 May 2019: New York – Columbia University (ASN Annual Convention, in conversation with Tim Frye, Seva Gunitsky, Sarah Oates and Jessica Pisano)

9 May 2019: Dublin – Dublin City University (IARCEES Annual Conference, keynote address)

16 May 2019: Edinburgh – Edinburgh University (link to follow)

17 May 2019: London – Pushkin House (in conversation with Catherine Belton)

20 May 2019: Brussels – Free University of Brussels (link to follow)

21 May 2019: London – University College London (in conversation with Tomila Lankina and Ben Noble)

The schedule is still evolving, so stay tuned! In the meantime, pre-order the book from Yale (UK/US), Amazon (UK/US) or your local bookseller!

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