A Very Short Post

As the fighting heats up again in Eastern Ukraine, a lot of people are declaring the Minsk agreement dead.

It’s not dead. It was never alive.

Take a look at this perfectly insightful tweet:

The problem underlying Gramer’s frustration is this: Russia’s not a party to the Minsk agreements. Never was.

Sure, they signed the thing. But the only people who left the negotiating table thinking that the Moscow had taken on any obligations were Merkel and Hollande. Poroshenko’s not that foolish. And Putin was clear from the get-go: the agreement was between Kyiv and the separatists, with the bulk of the onus on Kyiv (of course). Russia, like France and Germany, was just there to provide a pat on the back.

The Minsk agreement was designed to achieve nothing.

Actually, I take back what I said at the beginning: Minsk is alive and well and functioning normally.


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