Reading Russia Wrong

Unless someone has hacked the Carnegie Moscow Center’s mailing list and is distributing false information, Lilia Shevtsova has left the building.

It was, I suppose, only a matter of time. First Andrey Ryabov left and Sergei Aleksashenko was let go, then Nikolay Petrov was out the door. More recently we learned that Pro et Contra would close (potentially to reopen in another form), and so Masha Lipman was gone, too. And now Lilia.There were, to be sure, particular reasons in each case, but the result is clear.

Dmitry Trenin, Alexei Arbatov, Petr Topychkanov and Alexei Malashenko remain — they are all eminently capable scholars and analysts, and I am proud to know all of them. But for all intents and purposes, the Carnegie Moscow Center has abandoned the analysis of domestic politics in Russia, precisely at the moment when domestic politics in Russia matter most.

Perhaps the view of Russia will be clearer from the banks of the Potomac.


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