Politics, justice and the new Russian strike


"Politics, justice and the new Russian strike", an article I wrote with Graeme Robertson of UNC, is out in the most recent issue of the journal Communist and Post-Communist Studies. If you’re interested, here’s the abstract:

After almost a decade of passivity, Russian workers are once again striking. For the first time since the 1990s, labor unrest has spread across the country, affecting foreign and domestic investors, well-to-do industrial and natural-resource enterprises and infrastructural installations. But unlike in the 1990s, these strikes have accompanied an economic boom, suggesting that patterns of Russian labor unrest are beginning to resemble those in other countries. Analysis of several recent strikes, meanwhile, suggests the early emergence of a new labor proto-movement, characterized by feelings of entitlement and injustice that stem in part from government rhetoric, while pushed into opposition by the state’s refusal to accommodate genuine labor mobilization.

It’s a bit moldy by now, having been written before the economic crisis. The next step for us is to look at how the core principles — an increasing sense of injustice and entitlement among Russian workers, fed up with a state and an economy that doesn’t work for them — play themselves out in the context of the downturn. The work is already in progress. Watch this space!

Для тех из вас, кто предпочитает читать по-русски, предлагаю нашу с Грэмом первую версию статьи, опубликованную в Pro et Contra.


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